Universitatea — în căutarea unui nou rol în societatea cunoașterii


The university was traditionally perceived as the locus where knowledge, culture and society interconnect. But, because of twenty first century globalized and informatized society, university no longer could means the same thing as it did in the past. It is precisely why nowadays, all over the world, the university is in search of a new role appropriate to the requirements of the digital era. This new role is based on changing relationships, both, inside university - concerning research and teaching, students and teachers – and outside - concerning the global knowledge society.

The emerging university role is the result of a paradigm shift from the liberal idea of the university as place of autonomous learning and research to the university as place where the knowledge resource is commodified and integrated into the global knowledge market. As a result of this change in power-knowledge equation, the university is expected to fulfill multiple, shifting roles so becoming multiversity.

What aims to do our paper is to examine features, implications and consequences of this emerging role of the university in knowledge society.

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  • 2011-06-01